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From the terroir of the Petite-Nation and the Gatineau area

La Coulée Sucrée works mainly with fresh products. We buy them from local producers of the terroir of Petite-Nation river or Gatineau area.

It is with great pleasure that we present them to you.

Our select suppliers

Domaine du Mont-Vézeau

Domaine du Mont-Vézeau,

Ripon (Petite-Nation)

supplies the strawberries

Domaine des Météores

Domaine des Météores,

Ripon (Petite-Nation)

supplies the grapes

Les fruits de la terre

Les fruits de la Terre,

Ripon (Petite-Nation)

supplies the blueberries

Ferme du Ruisseau Noir

Ferme du Ruisseau Noir,

Ripon (Petite-Nation)

supplies the tomato, pepper and herb seedlings



Verger Croque-Pomme,

Thurso (Petite-Nation)

supplies the apples

Vallée des Canneberges

Vallée des Canneberges,

Vénosta (Haute-Gatineau)

supplies the cranberries